• Chris N

    oh no! Last time I tried this W.O.D I only got to 16 min.

  • Bec

    Yep…you’ve broken me! Can’t lift my arms up!!

  • Anita

    I thought that sounded easy, then i read the every min for 30mins:( Do they name these WOD’s after serial killers

  • Mel B

    Oh ouch! That’s going to hurt tomorrow lol

  • Gem B

    Can’t brush my hair 🙂

  • Rob

    I’m feeling pretty good how you feeling Brian ?

  • Brian

    Top notch mate! What is all the fuss about?? 🙂

  • Brooke

    Ali M 15/9 (DL30kg, SU, Squat)
    Brooke B 30 (DL30kg, SU, Squat)
    Todd K
    Terry C 24/3 rxd
    Gab M 10/10 rxd
    Bec S 8/11 blue
    David A 6+13 Squats / 9 rxd
    Ron N 6/? green

    1 rep max overhead squat
    Brian 80-97.5 PB!
    Rob 80-85 PB!

    Gemma B 9/3 Green, KPU
    Zac A 10/10 Blue
    Jason W 30 rxd
    Kara M 20/2 rxd
    Dougy W 11/10 rxd
    Hannah C 5/15 blue, KPU
    Aaron B 27/1 rxd
    Chris N 17/9 rxd
    Daniel G 7/9 rxd
    Jason M 7/8 Purple
    Nadia H 7/8 Green, KPU
    Lukas W 14/8 SU
    Kareem D 21/1 rxd
    Nikita K 10/7 Jump, KPU
    Michael J 6/9 Purple
    Gina L 30 green
    David P 10/2 Jump, KPU
    Majella C 10/10 Jump
    Luke C 27/2 rxd
    Mel B 6/8 Blue, KPU
    Dan M 7/5 rxd
    Ally F 2/11 green, KPU

    Reece M 11/6 rxd
    Nicky O 4/9 green, KPU
    Beth B 4/6 blue, KPU
    Tom H 3/2 green, KPU
    Paul S 6/15 SU
    Michael S 6/3 blue, KPU
    Jason S 9/1 SU