• Brian

    Tom D 14 rxd
    Chris N 30 rxd
    John B 20 rxd
    Kath G 9 (B,KPU)
    Chanel A 9 (P,KPU)
    Gemma H 3 rxd
    Hayley H 19 (G,KPU)
    Brett H 5 (G)
    Sam H 14 (B)
    Josh B 15 rxd
    Jessie B 10 (G,KPU)
    Mark D 7 rxd
    Brett B 18 rxd
    Jay Miz 12 rxd
    Craig C 20 rxd
    Cody D 12 rxd
    Gina L 22 (KPU)
    Ags 23 rxd
    Jaymie K 6 (G,KPU)
    Majella C 6 (G,KPU)
    Benn N 12 rxd
    Adam N 18 rxd
    Drew B 14 (P,KPU)
    Lach C 29 rxd
    Mel C 5 rxd
    Nick B 20 rxd
    Ricky K 2 rxd
    Kat B 5 rxd
    Kathy C 19 (P)
    Josh Lock 5 mod
    Mel B 7 (G,KPU)

  • Kathy

    Think I should have KPU by my name Brooke got to the 9th then had to do half knees and toes. Now my arms won’t straighten good feeling tho 🙂

    • Brooke

      Thanks Kathy, I’ll fix that up now. Great Chelsea score by the way, with or without knees!

  • John B

    Well done chris, good push this morning mate, killed it

  • Hayley h

    My legs my legs I can’t feel my legs!!!!