• James R

    OK, I will 🙂

  • Renae A

    Now that’s just mean!!!

  • NickB

    Let’s have another chop at Wednesday’s wod!

  • Benn

    Wow I had this really weird feeling u were gonna do that haha I’m gettin a lottery ticket 😉

  • Deb O

    I hope not one of those mean (girls “wod”) are turning up!!!

  • matt h


  • Hayleyh

    5k time trial noooooo!!!!!

  • Colin M

    Not sure that, “Come in and have some fun!” will mean what it appears to mean, but sounds good – and I love surprises!

  • Brooke

    Sandra Z & Caitlin W 2+100m (8/15)
    Jason S & Damen S 3+3FS rxd
    John O & Lindsay G 4 rxd
    Renae A & Deb O 2+15FS rxd
    Jay Miz & Shane H 4+3FS rxd
    Rachelle P & Lyndsey T 2+120m rxd
    Tim S & Drew B 4+40m rxd
    Rich Y & Dave P 2+10th mod
    Tom Hend & Christian C 3+7PP rxd
    Jess B & Hayley H 2+15PP rxd
    Matt I & Dudley T 4+4FS rxd
    Brendan B & Ruth E 3+15PP mod
    Anita S & Chris D 2+20TH rxd
    Steve L & Colin M 4+15FS mod
    Mel C & Carla D 3+100m rxd
    Gav B & Benn N 4+!5FS mod
    John B & Nick B 4+25FS rxd
    Kath G & Kathy C 2+7TH rxd
    Todd K & Angus C 3+20FS rxd
    Jo M & Jaymie K 2+10FS (15)
    Gerry D & Chris B 4+15FS rxd
    Jason W & James R 4+23TH rxd