• Chris N

    Hope I get better than 7.5

  • Lachie & Jell

    haha… was wondering when that was coming

  • The real jay mizzle

    Start level one ………beep!

  • Brooke

    Hayley H 4-1/4-2
    Brett H 2-8/3-0
    Kath G 8-3/6-3
    Kathy C ?
    Mark D 3-1/6-1
    Sam H 6-3/8-6
    Jay Miz 4-5/3-4
    Josh B 2-1/4-1
    Keagan B 3-5/3-7
    Matt L 3-4/3-1
    Tom D 2-5/2-2
    Chris N 4-7/4-2
    Mel C 2-4/6-2
    Nick B ?
    Adam N 4-1/2-7
    Drew B 3-2/3-5
    Jake M 2-9/3-1
    Lach C 5-3/4-3
    Tika S 3-6/3-2
    Kat B ?
    Dougy W 4-6/3-2
    Emma H 3-4/3-6

    Sorry about the rain ruining our planned WOD today guys…it was great to see so many of you still come down. Don’t worry, the real beep test will make an appearance again soon! Hope you all enjoyed playing on the slackline.

  • Hayley h

    Went and got the family a slackline from pinnacle sports and now have a family of gibbons!!! It’s addictive