• Reebok CrossFit Games Open 2014

    Ok guys the CrossFit Games Open 2014 is nearly here! This world wide event will have every level of athlete competing from the complete novice to the world’s fittest so I encourage EVERYONE to get involved! Here is how it will work:

    CrossFit HQ will announce the workouts every Friday at 10am starting on the 28th of Feb for 5 weeks.

    We will run the Open WOD on a Saturday morning at 8am and run it in as many heats as we need to until everyone has completed it. Everyone will have a judge and a score sheet and YOU must submit your scores online for validation before Tuesday at 10am.

    If you have a special circumstance that stops you from competing on a Saturday morning then please email us each week and we will arrange for another time for you to get validated.

    We are going to have a BBQ set up and some paleo treats available every Saturday so we can all have fun and hang out after our WOD is done.

    Lets get as many CF Roar members as possible to jump online to www.games.crossfit.com and sign up! Don’t forget to join our team “CrossFit Roar”

    If you have any questions just email Brian on brian@crossfitroar.com