• Immortals Challenge

    Cannot begin to tell all those that came down on the weekend how extremely impressed and proud we are of the way you competed and conducted yourselves at the Immortals Challenge. We don’t know where to start on the special shout outs. There were some brilliant displays of athleticism and drive! Its great to see that CrossFit Roar has grown a true commaradery and work ethic that Crossfit is supposed to promote. The way you all get behind one another and lift everyone up puts a massive smile on our faces. If people didn’t know who CrossFit Roar were, they now do! And from chatting to people from other affiliates throughout the weekend, there was nothing but praise spoken for our guys and girls. 6 teams, 3 finalists, 1 grand finalist team… What a result for for a new affiliate with people just starting out with Crossfit!!!

    It sounds like they will do an Immortals Challenge again next year, so let’s get back in the gym and use this comp for more motivation. Plenty of pics will be posted into our gallery ASAP!

    Well done Team Roar!!!

  • Geoff K

    Well done guys, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Aaron B

    Awesome. Wish i was there to see it.

  • Jessie B

    It was awesome to watch those who competed – what a great 2 days of competition 😀 very inspired for next year’s comp! Yeah! Go Roar!

  • Jaymie K

    What an awesome weekend!! The WODs were great but what made it for me was the team support including those members from Roar who came to watch and cheer on the competitors!

    thanks guys 😀


  • Paul S

    Huge effort from everyone involved. Had a great weekend and can’t wait for next year 🙂

  • Mollie G

    What an awesome weekend guys!!!! Pretty sure im now in love with CrossFit!!! Mad efforts frm everyone!