• Burpee-a-thon!!

    This Saturday the 16/06/2012 we will be running 12.1 (AMRAP in 7 min of Burpees) as the WOD in the form of a Burpee-a-thon! The idea of this is to get sponsorship from all your mates and family to pay you per Burpee completed. For example, if your friend sponsors you 10c a Burpee and you complete 100 Burpees, you have raised $10. You can get as many sponsors as you like with a prize going to the person who raises the most amount of money. ALL funds raised will go straight into the fund to get Kara to the games. Lets get behind this and get our Burpee on!!

  • Colin M

    We should all sponsor one other athlete on the day.