• Terry

    What a wicked video! Gotta love that feeling, pretty much sums up crossfit 🙂

  • John B

    Yeah agreed big Terry Crossfit! Going to throw it out there, best one he has put together, the ladies probably liked the one last night but this one shows this stuff works and no matter what, as long as its intense for you, we all end up on the floor eventually the same way!

  • Brooke

    My favourite part is Mel at the rower…love it!

  • Benny G

    If I would of known the Camera was on me I would of ripped a quick 50 Burpee’s out…

  • Brooke

    Scaling Options:
    (1) Box MU
    (2) 1 MU = 2 pull ups+2push ups

    Stuart B 5+run (1) 4
    Scott L 5 (2) ring pulls
    Jamie C 5 (1) 4
    Mel C 4+6 (1)
    Kath G 3+14push (2) B,KPU
    Gina L 5 (1)
    Tim S 1+2MU rxd – 1st muscle up!
    Todd K 2+2MU rxd – 1st muscle up!
    Kathy C 5 (2) G,KPU
    Glenn W 1MU + 3 rounds (2)
    Dave A 5+200 (2)
    Jake M 4 (2) G
    Rachelle P 2+280m (2) B, row

  • Puke C

    Awesome.. The pain train, every time.

  • Kara

    Congratulations Tim S and Todd K on your muscle ups! There is not better feeling. Good work guys. xo

  • Brooke

    Trainer WOD
    Clean 3-3-3
    Death By Clean
    Brian 100 across / 8 rxd
    Brooke 40-42.5 / 5 (40)

    Kara M 5+50m rxd
    Jason W 7+50m rxd
    Brian E 4+1MU (3MU)
    Aaron B 5+200m rxd
    Colin G 3 (3MU, SU)
    Ags 6+3MU (3MU) 1st MU!!!!
    Hayley H 4+4pulls (2) G
    Jessie B 5+4pulls (2 – 7 PU purple, KPU)
    Terry C 4+7MU rxd
    Zach B 3+350m (1)
    Matt L 4 (2) P – 1st MU!!!!
    Nikita K 5+5Pulls (2) B, KPU
    Anita S 3+10push (2) KPU, jump

    Rob D 6 (2-push, SU)
    Craig C 6+200m (3MU) 1st MU!!!!
    Ben G 5+170m (1)
    Chris I 5+1dip (1)
    Ryan S 6 (2) G, row
    Ben P 5+200m rxd
    Josh L 5+11pulls (2)
    Bernie F 3+14push (2) KPU, B
    Jason M 5+2MU (3MU)
    Troy H 2+200m (2)
    Lach C 4+6MU rxd