• Terry

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T what an animal!!

  • Dave A

    Brian/Rob here is the website for those shoes with suppliers. New stock is coming in June/July.

    Inov-8 running shoes, mens and womens shoes for fell, trail …
    Innovative technical running shoes for off road, trail, fell, adventure racing,
    orienteering, paragliding and free running designed to help you improve and …


    • Brian

      Cheers Dave!

  • Gabriel

    Oh the burn! Thanks guys, now iv got jelly legs for the rest of the week 🙂

  • Chris N

    Hey guys I just purchased a pair of Inova-8 f230 lites from Pete Bland Sports http://www.peteblandsports.co.uk/brands/inov-8/95/159/ They seem to be the only guys that still have any stock of the shoes. The again faster website said they will not be in stock until at least september but are happy to take back orders. Pete Bland sports are a UK company so postage was expensive but from the research I have done on these shoes everyone seems to think they are the best to crossfit in. Also if anybody is interested in getting some Progenex protein powder I will be placing an order soon and can get very cheap postage from the U.S.

    • Brian

      Thanks Chris, I will jump in on the protein order for sure mate!

  • Lauren

    Hey Rob/Brian, what do you suggest I do instead of double unders??? There is nowhere to skip out here. The rope will hit the roof of the gym or I can skip in the gravel infront of a crowd of drunk men….not keen on that.

    Ta, Lauren

    P.S I’ll be back for my first break on the 19th April now!!!

  • Brian

    Hey Lauren,
    Sub Double Unders for Box jump or jumping squats. Not the best option but better then putting on a show for all the dudes! See you on the 19th mate

  • Brooke

    Back to the Inov’s – I ordered mine from the UK as well – wiggle.co.uk. They had quite a few left when I last looked. It was free delivery too!

  • Rob

    Hey thanks heaps Dave

  • Brooke

    Jake M 19:51 (16)
    Jamie C 22:16 (16, 24″box)
    Gemma B 18 (SJ)
    Ali M 15:17 (Russian, 16″box)
    Todd K (16,SJ)
    Jo K rehab
    Simon T 22:21
    Ally F 22:15 (16″box)
    Majella C 18:53 (8kg)
    Gab M 12:51 rxd
    Michael D 22:21 (row/8kg)
    David A 18:14 (SJ)

    Trainer WOD
    100 burpee pull ups for time:
    Brian 12:10
    Rob 13:58

    Dougy W 11:30 Russian
    Simon H 10:56 russian
    Zac A 14:17 rxd
    Mel B 21:29 (12kg, 20″box)
    Jason W 10:36 rxd
    Kara G 7:31 rxd
    Aaron B DNF
    Nadia H 16:58 (20″ box)
    Luke C program
    David P 17:28 (20″box)
    Anita S 20:14 (12kg, 16″box)
    Michael J 19:00 (Russian, 20″box)
    Daniel G 16:10 (16kg Russian, 24″)
    Kareem D 10:02 (Russian)
    Gina L 19:02 (20″box)
    Leigh M 19:05 (16″ box)
    Jason M 12:37
    Terry C 13:32 (32kg) rxd
    Chris N 17:53 (16kg, 24″ box)

    Matt N 10:15 (Russian)
    Paul S 14:03 (Russian, 24″ box)
    Nicky O 20:04 rxd
    Reece M 12:30 rxd
    Mel C 20:32 rxd
    Dan M 21:35 rxd
    Michael S 15:04 (16kg Russian, 16″SU)