• John B

    1. Band Pull Ups
    2. KB Weight
    3. KB Height

    Zach B 3+11KB Rxd+
    Rhett G 4+10KB Rxd
    Ed B 4 rnds
    Kath G 4+25m (G,O)
    Simon P 4 rnds
    Tom F 3+25KB (B)
    Sean L 3+250m Rxd
    Stephen P 3+10KB (1)(3)
    Jay Miz 23:55 Rxd
    Moya S 24:34 Rxd
    Nick I 3+15KB Rxd
    Kaylie W 4+250m (G,8kg)
    Lefty I 3+3KB Rxd
    Anita S 3+30KB (B)
    Selena C 3+20 PU (G,P)
    Majella C 4+50m (G)
    Oliver K 4 Rnds (G)
    Chris D 22:36 Ring Row
    Jenny O 24:56 (JP,8kg)(3)
    Ricky K 3+12 PU (16kg,G)
    Tina D 4+200m (G,12kg)
    Ruth E 3+200m (G,P, 8kg)
    Simon T 4 Rxd
    Lisa S 24:48 (B,8kg)
    Nick R 23:44 Rxd
    Tennille C 24:29 (12)
    Tamara T 4 (JP,12kg)
    Blake T 3+200m Rxd
    Mick Slat 24:28 Rxd
    Jo H 4+200m (G,12kg)
    Sam B 25:00 (JP,8kg)

  • John B

    Chris M 4+8 PU (3)
    Kate D 3+15KB (B)
    Paul B 23:00 Rxd
    Astrid W 4 rnds (B)
    Mel C 4+6 PU Rxd
    Sandra Z 22:50 (B,12kg)
    Craig C 4+11KB Rxd
    James K 4+150m (G,16kg)
    Kathy C 3+10 PU Rxd
    Erin S 4+10 PU (G,12kg)
    Sue M 4+18KB (B)(3)
    Ron N 4 rnds (G)
    Caitlin W 4+6 PU (G,P,12kg)
    Alistair N 4+20m Rxd
    Laura H 24:06 (B)(3)
    Steve C 4+200m (G,16kg)
    Tracy D 23:24 (G,16kg)(3)
    Jack B 4+14PU Rxd
    Aaron B 24:18 Rxd
    Chris N 4+8 PU (3)

  • NickB

    Brucy’s back! Well done mate!


    • Kathy

      And look how fast he went after time off too. Was nice to chat to you today Aaron. You’ll have that rebound back in no time.

  • Aaron B

    Cheers guys, great to see everyone!

  • John B

    Gem B 4+300m (15 Pull ups)
    Deb O 4=100m (G)
    Colin G 24:12 row
    Hayley H 4+100m (15 Pull Ups)
    Adam G 4+15 PU Rxd
    Ags 4+run Rxd
    Tim W 3+run (G,P)(3)
    Rob D 3+15KB Rxd
    Jason W 23:02 Rxd+
    Nick Blk 4 Rxd
    John O 4+PU Rxd
    Brian M 4+10 PU (G,16kg)
    Carla D 4+4PU (B)
    Shannon P 20:04 (B)(3)
    Sophie P 4+9PU (B,12kg)
    Sarah M 4+200m (B,16kg)(3)
    Nick B 4+28KB Rxd
    Michael Si 22:30 (G,16kg)
    Tom G 4+12PU (G,16kg)(3)
    Adam F 4+8PU (G,)(3)
    Laura B 4+250m (G)
    Tika S 4+250m (G)(3)
    Adam A 4+300m (B,16kg)(3)
    Lach C23:50 Rxd
    Dean S 3+26KB (B,16kg)
    Tim M 4+20KB Rxd
    Josh C 4+20 PU Rxd
    Mike D MOD
    Tim S 4+18KB (3)

    Tom Hend 25:56 Rxd
    Ben H 24:59 (G)(3)
    Melita H 3+350m (P)
    Emma H 3+400m (B)
    Lauren M 4+70m (G)
    Jess B 4 (G)
    Ryan F 4+10Burp Rxd
    Mark G 4+15PU (3)
    Brendan B 4+27KB (15RR,16kg)
    Brad F 3+50m (G,16kg) (3)
    Matt L 4+350m Rxd
    Chelsea S 4+3KB (B,16kg)
    Angus C 4+12PU (3)
    Gerry D 4+7PU Rxd+(3)
    Jannah W 3+6PU (B)(3)
    Glenn W 4+15KB Rxd
    Ash H 4+14KB MOD
    Lee C 4+300m (B,12kg) (3)
    Colin M 24:01 Rxd
    Cally R 25:06 (G,12kg)(3)
    Jodi D 4+27KB(B,12kg)(3)
    Nina S 4+300m Rxd
    Toni C 24:30 (P)
    Kat C 4+120m (P)Row
    Jacqui M 3+25KB (G,12kg)
    Anthony N 3+20PU Rxd
    Simon N 4+5KB (G,16kg)(3)
    Peter E 3+10KB (JP,16kg)(3)
    Jenna S 3+14KB(P)
    James H ??
    Drew B 4+15KB Rxd
    Jason S 4+200m Rxd
    Lindsay G 3+20PU Rxd+
    Katie D 4+19PU(B)
    Damen S 4+200m(orn,16kg)
    Ben G 4 Rxd
    Geoff K 3+16PU (G)(3)