• Tuesday 19/04/2011

    For time:
    100 Pull Ups
    100 Push Ups
    100 Sit Ups
    100 Squats

    We will be closed for 5 days over the Easter break from Friday 22nd April, re-opening on Wednesday 27th, so go hard this week guys. Workouts will still be posted on the site each day that most of you can complete at home, so no excuses! Games competitors – we will open the gym as usual on Saturday morning at 8:30am for WOD #5.

  • Kara

    I do not have fond memories of Angie!!

  • gabriel

    Happy B’day to Jamie from the morning crew!!!!!

  • melissa coyle

    Brian….that’s evil

    • Brian

      Your welcome Mel!

  • Brooke

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE! You should have told us! 150 burpee penalty…. 🙂

  • Brooke

    Ally F 24:10 (98 pull up green)
    Ali M 19:59 (30kg DL, 200 lunge)
    Jamie C 28:35 (75 pull up blue/push up blue)
    Craig G 28:22 (55PU/45 burpee)
    Gab M 24:29 rxd
    Bernie F 35:45 (Jump pulls/83 SU)
    Todd K 23:60 (85 pull up purple)
    Hayley H 26:02 (56 pulls blue, 44 jumping)
    Kieran S 22:50 rxd
    Dave A 28:55 rxd
    Mike D 30:47 (jumping pulls/band squats)

  • Rob

    I’m doing the games wod tomorrow but there is no way I’m missing Angie . Happy birthday Jamie you old bastard

  • Terry

    Hey guys those that ordered skipping ropes through me they have finally arrived 🙂 If i don’t see everyone tonight I will be there tomorrow night.


  • jase

    i cherish our friendship crossy!

  • Brian

    Happy Birthday Jamie! What a way to spend your birthday!!

  • Jamie

    Thanks Guys, Great way to spend the day not being able to get food to my mouth due to arm pump haha

  • Brian

    ‘Mod Angie’
    100 squat
    100 lunge
    100 sit up
    100 squat
    Brooke: 13:22

    Power Clean and Jerk x 3
    Brian: 80 across
    Zac 60 across

    Daniel G 26:00 (green, mod)
    Zac A 18:00 (green)
    Lukas W 17:52 (mod)
    Dan M 25:01
    Chris N 20:53 rxd
    Jason M 19:41 rxd
    Benn N 19:46 rxd
    Kareem D 15:33 rxd
    Aaron B 22:18 rxd
    John B 20:45 rxd
    Glen B 34:44 (green)
    Rob D 21:50 rxd
    Nikita K 21:35 (box)
    Gina L 15:51 (blue)
    Michael J 31:36 (93 blue pull)
    Hannah C
    Jamie C 30 something (30 pull, 50 push)
    Nicole G 21:03 (green)
    Mel B 28:51 (mod)
    Lauren M 17:51 (green)
    Nadia H 22:14 (blue)
    Billy H 29:41 (mod)
    Ben G 23:15 (84 pull green)
    Leigh M 22:05 (box)
    Dave P 24:40 (box)
    Gemma B 22:02 (green)

    Nicky O 24:52 (blue)
    Luke C 14:38 rxd
    Ben P 18:32 rxd
    Matt N 23:10 green
    Bec S 28:00 (box/89 push)
    Kara M 18:26 rxd
    Jason W 14:40 rxd
    Beth B 23:58 (blue)
    Gayle F 28:56 (box, 56 push)
    Colin G 24:45 rxd
    Glenn W 23:30 rxd
    Reece M 17:44 rxd
    Josh L 23:23 (purple)
    Asher S 11:25 (purple)
    Joe P 21:35 (purple)