• Tuesday 16/08/2011

    In 3 mins, complete AMRAP of:
    20 Burpees
    30 Sit Ups
    20 Box Jumps
    30 Squats
    20 Push Press 20kg
    30 WallBall Shots
    200m Plate Carry 2x 25kg (2x15kg)

    Rest 1 min

    In 6 mins, complete AMRAP from the start

    Rest 2 mins

    Complete ALL movements for time


  • Hayley H

    Hope Brian is okay!!

  • jase

    torn lower abdominal i think he said, the hospital gave him pain killers and fluid then sent him home. i didnt know you could tear an abdominal man that would hurt

  • Brooke

    Thanks guys, Brian is doing well. Just resting up and taking it easy.

  • Brooke

    Glen B 59,90,18:17 rxd
    Todd K 74,128,12:08 rxd
    Tim S 86,132,11:45 rxd
    Mel C 63,105,13:09 rxd
    Kath G 52,102,14:30 (5kg DB thusters)
    Nick B 90,145,9:30 rxd
    Kat B 56,127,11:50 rxd
    Gina L 65, 121, 12:45 (3kg wall ball)
    Ricky K 61,79,15:21 (5kg wall ball)

  • Mel C

    Props to John and Ali who did an awesome job while Brian and Brooke were at the “hospital” (sure sure, at home watching movies and eating icecream) Speedy recovery Brian 🙂

    • Brooke

      haha, busted 🙂 Na, but I did get him some chocolate today to aid his recovery! He’s doing well and will hopefully be back into it on Thursday. Thanks Mel.

  • Brooke

    Trainer WOD
    Chipper 7:22 rxd
    OHS 5 x 3 – 40-60
    1MU 10kg vest
    Front Squat 5 x 3 – 47.5-52.5
    Chipper 11:45 rxd+

    Gemma B 79,110,12:28 (3kgWB, 20kgPP)
    Terry C 96,153, 9:09 rxd
    Colin G 90,150,8:11 rxd
    Aaron B 82,152,9:02 rxd
    Mike D 65,124,10:48 (row, steps)
    Toby P 60,150,10:23 rxd
    Chris N 99,139,9:13 (20kg plate)
    Tom D 92,122,10:36 (20kg plate)
    Hayley H 76,125,12:24 rxd
    Mark D 65,170,12:38 rxd
    Jessie B 72,120,13:42 rxd
    Kieran S 84,135,12:13 (5kgWB)
    Mel B 59,109,15:07 rxd
    Luke C 90-156,9:15 rxd
    Anita S 50,92,14:02 (3kgWB)
    Dave P 71,121,12:48 rxd
    Ben P 73,135,10:15 (20kg plate)
    Melita H 63,104,18:05 (DBthrusters,10kg plate)
    Simmo 80,140,11:17 rxd
    Adam N 99,150,10:02 rxd
    Laura B 54,94,13:20 (8kgPP,DBthrusters)
    Zach B 66,137,12:32 rxd

    Glenn W 110,158,8:14 rxd
    Dave A 89,126,12:59 rxd
    Craig D 75,126,16:11 rxd
    Scott H 100,130,10:37 rxd
    Garrett B 60,100,15:03 (5kgWB)
    Rachelle P 60,125,12:38 rxd
    Keagan B 80,135,10:48 rxd
    Troy H 70,136,10:17 rxd
    Jason W 100,155,8:39 rxd
    Paul S 70,127,13:48 rxd
    Ben G 105, 145,9:37 rxd
    Kathy C 70,130,10:28 (DBthruster,10kg plate)
    Mat Y 69,126,11:05 (5kgWB, 10kg plate)
    Nicky O 62,115,15:09 rxd