• Aaron B

    I thought 5 mins, that’s pretty shorty… Then i saw Rest for 1 min, Complete 3 Rounds.

  • Chris N

    From the guys at rogue fitness they sent this link to Aussie paleo snacks some are even steves original I’m guessing all the jerky and beerries are banned in aus.


  • Brooke

    Craig G 5+7 burpees (10kg)
    Ags 3+10 lunges rxd
    Ali M 4+30 (SU, mod)
    Stuart B 3+18 lunges (15kg)
    Ryan S 4+6 (SU, 15kg)
    Kara M 5+5 KTE rxd
    Jason W 6+7 burpee rxd
    Steve M 4+15 lunges rxd
    Gab M 4+KTE rxd
    Benn N 5+10 burpee rxd
    Todd K 4+6KTE (15kg)
    Hayley H 4+10lunges (SU)
    Mark D 3+15 lunges (SU)

  • Brooke

    Cody D 6+10 burpee (15kg,SU)
    John B 6 rxd
    Luke A 7+8 burpee (SU)
    Jason M 5+4 burpee rxd
    Nadia H 5+3 lunges (SU)
    Ben B 3+8 KTE (15kg)
    Terry C 5+1 KTE rxd
    Simon H 6+5 SU (15kg,SU)
    Billy H 5+3 SU (bodyweight, SU)
    Colin G 6+7 burpee (SU)
    Lukas W 6+5 burpee (15kg, SU)
    Daniel G 7+5 squats (15kg, SU, mod)
    Dougy W 8+8 burpee (15kg, SU)
    Aaron B 5+6 burpee rxd
    Chris N 5+1 burpee rxd
    Mel B 5+2 burpee (SU)
    Luke C 7+7 burpee (15kg, dbl SU)
    Matt B 6+4 KTE rxd

    Hannah C 4+10 SU (15kg, SU)
    Gina L 6+7 burpee (SU)
    Michael J 5 (15kg, SU)
    Anita S 4+13 lunges (5kg, SU)
    Bernie F 3+13 lunges (15kg, SU)
    Bec S 5+12 SU (SU)

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