• matt L

    Shattered im in melbourne for this JB….

    • John B

      when you mentioned it the other day mate I was like damn it in my head!!!

  • NickB

    SOB – the one week I’m away. Beow beow

  • Adam N

    ben G is not going to be happy.

  • Benny G

    Noooooooooo haha Brian I’ve been asking for this for weeks. I’m away in Sydney can I do this throughout the day Friday. I so neeeedd to get this time down.

    Come on!!!! B.

    • Jaymie K

      I have only done Fran once (back in July 2011) as I have missed this benchmark everytime that is has come up in the last 12 months!

      Tonight I will face her though….I’m scarred!

  • Benny G

    Adam. You heard me today didn’t u ???

    Come on mate. Get in my corner for this one haha


  • Deb o

    Hayley you were right…omg!!!

  • John B

    1. Thruster Weight
    2. Band Pull Ups

    Kath G 9:18 (22.5)G
    Mel T 9:14 (20)B
    Selena C c/o 21-15-4 th (25)B
    Bernie H 9:58 (30)G
    Sean L 8:17 Rxd
    Rachelle P c/o 21-15-7pu (G)
    Moya S 6:37 Rxd
    Anita S 9:27 (20)G
    Tina D 7:06 (20)G
    Lyndsey T 7:52 (20)G
    Ricky K c/o 21-15-9 th (30)G
    Tom F 9:09 (B)
    Tennille C 6:28 (22.5)
    Mick Slat 8:14 Rxd
    Oliver K 8:42(30)B,P
    Blake T c/o 21-6pu Rxd
    Simon T c/o 21-15-4 th Rxd
    Lefty I 7:49 Rxd
    Nick I c/o 21-15-8 th (40)
    Kaylie W 9:45 (20)G
    Rhett G 7:08 Rxd
    Nick R 4:15 Rxd
    Kat T 9:20 (25)G
    Jo H 7:04 (25)G
    Josh C 4:42 Rxd PB
    Angela S 9:18 (25)G

  • John B

    Paul B 4:25 Rxd
    Tim W 10:00 (30)G
    Tom Hend 5:46 Rxd
    Mel C 6:43 Rxd
    Kate D c/o 21-15-5pu (G,P)
    Jannah W c/0 21-9pu (30)B
    Glenn W 8:51 Rxd
    Holly B 5:47 (20)B
    Tracy D 5:13 (20)G
    Laura H 6:53 (20)G
    Sandra Z 6:56 (15)B
    Zach B 6:15 Rxd
    Laura B 8:03 (25)G
    Shannon P 7:55 (20)G
    Steve C 10:00 (30)G

  • John B

    Brendan B 8:35 Mod
    Hayley H c/o 21-15pu Rxd
    Adam N 3:40 Rxd
    Todd B 8:17 (30)G
    Cody D 3:45 Rxd
    Braden R c/o 21-15-7pu (G)
    Riley H 9:30 (35)G
    Deb O 8:59 (25)O,P
    Ben P 5:12 Rxd
    Chris C 3:41 Rxd
    Adam F 8:46 (20kg DB) G
    Benn N 6:00 Rxd
    Tom Hod 8:05 (25)G
    Sophie P 8:48 (22.5)G,B
    Dan S 8:55 Rxd
    Michael S I 7:35 (30)G
    Amelia F 9:40 (20)R
    Anthony N 8:55 Rxd
    Jo T 8:48 (25)G
    Jarrod B 6:50 (30)G
    Ags 4:57 Rxd
    Josh L 6:44 Rxd
    Mel B c/0 21-15-4pu (25)G
    Muireann M 9:35 (20)G
    Carla D 6:05 (G)
    Brian M 6:14 (30)G
    Dean S 7:41 (30)B
    Jimmy R 9:04 Rxd
    Jack B 4:41 Rxd
    Adam A 8:45 (30)G

    Craig C 4:12 Rxd
    Jaymie K c/o 21-15-7 th Rxd
    Jay Miz 6:43 Rxd
    Angus C 7:04 (30)
    Geoff K c/o 21-15-3pu (30)G
    Adam G 4:33 Rxd
    Mark G 7:04 (37.5)
    Melita H c/o 21-15-1 th (25)P
    Kat C 7:40 (20)P
    Chelsea S 8:02 (25)B
    Emma H 7:11 (B)
    Jason S 8:21 Rxd
    Chris D 7:12 (45)SDHP
    Caitlin W 6:53 (15)B
    Astrid W 9:50 (B)
    Lauren M 6:34(22.5)G
    James K 8:03 (30)G
    Lindsay G 7:08 Rxd
    Simon N 8:26 (20)B
    Chris I 7:22 Rxd
    Michael Sul 7:27(40)
    Damen S 8:57 (30)R
    Drew B 6:09 Rxd
    Katie D 9:00 (22.5)G
    Ben H c/o 21-15-5pu (37.5)R