• Supporting Kara!!

    We are looking at different ways to raise money to help get Kara to the Reebok CrossFit Games in only a few weeks. At this stage we will be selling “Big Dub” shirts and raffling off some prizes so keep an eye out! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please post to comments. We will also be having a “Sook Jar” in the gym. Any sooking, negative talk, whinging ect. will result in a $2 contribution. The same will go for any penalty burpees so bring prepare to dig deep if you are running late!! If you would like to make a contribution to help out Kara are details are:
    BA & BC Bucholtz
    BSB: 084 283
    ACC: 586285313

    Every little bit helps!!

  • Zach

    Do a car wash day!! $20 a car or so.

  • Ash

    Grill’d Local Matters? Not sure how much notice they need though, so perhaps it’s not a viable option.

    Er…not that I ever visit Grill’d often enough to know how the Local Matters charity thing works or anything…

  • Jannah

    Car wash with all the guys shirtless!

    • Colin M

      Car wash with all the girls topless! 🙂

  • Hayleyh

    A rep-a-thon. Everyone enters gets sponsorship for each rep from family & friends. Say 1c / rep . The more sponsers or reps more money!! Then within a certain time do as many reps. Wall balls/ pull ups / hdpu / box jumps. Rotate through in the set time. Prizes for max reps!!

    • Deb o

      That is a great idea!!! a rep-a-thon!!!

  • Aaron B

    Put me down for a Shirt!

  • mel coyle

    I’m keen 4 a shirt also!

  • Craig C

    Team Lil Dub shirts that say “In the dark, it’s how I roll!”

    I would definitely buy one of those!!!

    • John B

      The caption should read “In the dark, thats how I roll…out”

  • Benny Gee

    Run another internal Games.. Entry money goes to the FUND !!!!

  • Deb o

    I am keen for a shirt as well 🙂

  • Mat y

    1x signed shirt please, Rep-a-thon for sure!

  • Kate D

    1 x shirt for sure, and I am up for a Rep-a-thon or in house comp.
    Check our foneraiser.com.au, everyone brings in old mobile phones working or non working, I think it is $3.00 a phone.

  • Lindsay G

    I’ll grab a shirt as well.