• Saturday 21/12/2013

    “The Melita H Christmas Special!!”

    In Teams of 4 complete AMRAP in 4min on each movement. 1 min rest between each round

    Rope Climb= 1 Point per Rep Pull Ups = ¼ Point per Rep?

    Shoulder to Overhead 60kg (40kg)= 1 Point per Rep 30kg (20kg)= ½ Point per Rep?

    Row for Cal= 1 Point per Cal?

    Box Jump 24”(20”)= 1 Point per Rep 20”(16”)= ½ Point per Rep?

    Toes to Bar= 1 Point per Rep Sit Ups=1/2 Point per Rep

    Double Unders= 1 Point per Rep Single Skips= ½ Point per Rep

    Each round starts with a 60 Burpee “Buy in” from each team

    Optional Finisher: Handstand Walk Off

  • Brian

    A) 692
    Tim D
    Jodi D
    Louie B
    Amie H

    B) 645
    Jay Star
    Jess B
    Jay Miz
    Erin B

    C) 479
    Craig C
    Bonnie R
    Keagan B
    Jaymie K

    D) 491
    Danny H
    Ali M
    Tim L
    Deb O

    E) 571
    Matt S
    Marni M
    Jake D
    Georgie M

    F) 761
    Ben G
    Brooke B
    Melita H

    G) 455
    Grant Ch
    Louise M
    Dave L
    Rachael H

    H) 485
    Jack H
    Lydia G
    Conor H
    Laura B

    I) 397
    Lindsay G
    Amelia G
    Sam H
    Nicole M

    J) 450
    Cam M
    Kelly H
    Trev C
    Jordi T

    K) 460
    Brett H
    Jane R
    Justin E
    Dina T

    L) 319
    Jack B
    Pia C
    Ben H

    M) 445
    Nathan W
    Fiona W
    John G
    Tony W

    N) 554
    Drew B
    Genny K
    Dean H
    Tracy K

    O) 473.5
    Chelsea L
    Dave W
    Katie W
    Holly T

    P) 487
    Christian C
    Tracy D
    Zach B
    Adam N