• Saturday 19/02/2011

    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
    10 Dumbell / KB Thrusters
    100m Farmers Carry

    Use same Dumbells / KB’s for Farmers carry as for Thrusters
    Post load used and rounds completed

    Tabata situps with anchored feet or AbMat

  • Brian


    Terry C 9rnds (16Kg)
    Jason W 7rnds (16kg)
    Kara M 10rnds (8kg)
    Billy H 8rnds (10kg)
    Dougy W 8rnds (12kg)
    Brooke B 8rnds (8kg)
    Nicky O 8rnds+ Thrusters (5kg)
    Tom H 9rnds (5kg)
    John C 9rnds (10kg)
    Kath G 6rnds (5kg)
    Ryan S 8rnds (5kg)
    Luke C 8rnds (16Kg)

    Trainer WOD
    “Yesterday’s WOD”

    Rob 12:28 Rxd
    Brian 9:53 Rxd

  • Rob

    Great work this week look forward to seeing you all next week have a relaxing weekend