• Saturday 09/05/2015

    PLEASE NOTE! We are running one session only today at 8am at Wurtulla Beach, Sunshine Coast! This will be run instead of our regular Saturday morning classes and all CrossFit Roar members are welcome. The address to the beach access is 437 Oceanic Drive, Wurtulla.


    “Burpee Griff”

    For Time:

    • 800m Run
    • 400m Backwards Run
    • 800m Run
    • 400m Backwards Run

    To start and every 4 min complete 15 (10) Burpees

  • Tom

    Chris M 15:08
    Marni M 23:58
    Dave W 15:50
    Hannah H 1450m mod
    Rhett G 15:17
    Jess S 18:11 (Sq)
    Grant Ch 23:13
    Jess C 23:17
    Marie M 29:23
    Aleisha H 25:00
    Caitlin D 1500m mod
    Danny H 18:08
    Emma S –
    Barb C 1250m mod
    Kate S-H –
    John G 1500m mod
    John P 23:47
    Robbie M 15:03 (Push ups)
    Paul Mur 18:15
    Neil M 18:54
    Paul W 22:00
    Bec G 19:21
    Jake N 19:32
    Tony W 15:24
    Fiona W 1550m mod
    Justin E 15:47