• Saturday 01/10/2011

    In pairs complete AMRAP of the following:

    3min of Wallball
    3min of Box Jump
    3min of Burpee
    2min of Wallball
    2min of Box Jump
    2min of Burpee
    1min of Wallball
    1min of Box Jump
    1min of Burpee

    Only one person can be working at a time, the other person will be resting

  • Hayley h

    That’s a good tip…. Don’t fall asleep on the ball!!

  • Kathy

    Rest weekend for me 🙂 Have a good weekend guys see you Mon.

  • Brooke

    Brett H & Drew B 352
    Sam H & Mark D 362
    Kim J & Lach C 551
    Adam N & Tika S 491
    Jessie B & Hayley H 333
    Brett B & Craig C 464
    Matt L & Cody D 395
    Keagan B & Bec S 413
    Paul S & Gina L 338
    Jaymie K, Majella C & Kath G 376