• Recovery Supplement

    After talking with a lot of you about recovery and supplements that help speed up the process, I decided to do some research into exactly what was out there and what other athletes were using. The most popular product seemed to be from Progenex, an American based company with a number of well known athletes endorsing their products. As a registered affiliate we are entitled to give all our members a 10% discount an all of their products, including their recovery drink. Now, I am not saying that it is a must for everyone and that everyone should look into it. I believe that those of you who are starting to get really serious with their training and are focusing on things like the CrossFit Games and being prepared for some CrossFit competitions would benefit in something like this. Those of you who are training just to have fun, get fit and be healthier will not need this to achieve your goals. We have ordered in some sample servings as a trail and will be selling single servings at the counter. If you are keen on buying any of there gear here is what you need:


    If you have any questions at all just talk to us anytime.