• Proud!!

    This is an email I received today from one of the judges down at the Immortals Challenge this past weekend……

    “Hi Brian,
    Just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much I love judging your crew!!
    Your crew left quite an impression on me from the Broadbeach Games Day a couple of weeks back, and I was very excited to get the chance to judge some of your crew at Immortals on the weekend.
    I know I’m a hard arsed judge, but the way an athlete responds to being called up on a “no rep” says a lot about the way they have been trained. I barely had to do that with your guys and it was more so because the movements were unusual (like the push-ups and having to start at the bottom and finish at the bottom got a lot of people). Your guys always strive to have good technique and I always notice it, especially when it comes to things like push-ups for girls, which is a real teller!!
    Just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure both times judging your guys – I hope not too many of them don’t hate me – and keep up the great work.
    Hopefully I’ll see you all at Coastal?
    Mandy Kinzett
    CrossFit Wired”

    Could not be more proud guys! You really have set the standard for all our athletes at ROAR to live up to. Lets strive to keep this up at every event we enter!

  • John B

    Great job guys! We don’t care if we aren’t the best all the time guys, we just want to look the best in our movements and the turnouts from everyone at these events! There is a reason we can seem like nazi’s at times but this us the reason why so when you are faced with little hurdles in a comp or in life that you can attack hit head on by doing it the harder option for you but the best and safest technique! I echo Brian’s words, we are a great box due to the quality of people wanting to improve everyday! We want to be known for all the right reasons. Keep it up

    • Lukas W

      Awesome stuff..!!

  • Glen Barton

    I have missed the last couple of comps because I have been away….Would like to have a go at the coastal comp in Dec. Is anyone going??

    Good way to finish the year!!

    • Brooke

      Hey Gleny,
      It is not confirmed yet but we are thinking of having our CrossFit Roar Christmas party on that day. Otherwise I would be in for sure!!