• Rob


    Ali M 10+kb (16kg/pu)
    Kara M 16+7kb (16kg/pu)
    Jamie C 8 (12kg /ring row)
    Gab M 10+kb (24kg/pu)
    Ryan S 11+ pu (24kg/pu)

  • Kara

    I Would appreciate some recognition for the fact that I did 2 1/2 rounds of dips please, and not all push ups haha

    • Rob

      nope haha

  • Brian

    Sorry Kara you know the rules, only write down your lowest option. Gives you something to aim for now doesn’t it!

    Great Paleo treat though thanks!


  • Brian


    Kath G 11 (16rus/PU)
    Ben B 13 (PU)
    Terry C 10 (5Dip)
    Aaron B 9 Rxd
    Phil C 7+9 Dip Rxd
    Gemma H 13 (16rus/PU)
    Ron N 9 (16kg/PU)


    Jason W 13 + Ring Dips Rxd
    Nicky O 12 (12kg/PU)
    Josh L 10 (5 Dip)
    Gina L 14 (16kg/PU)
    Glenn W 12 (16/PU)
    Billy H 12 (16/PU)
    Ben P 19 (16Kg)
    Tom H 9 (12kg/PU)
    Nakita K 14 (12kg/PU)
    Lachie C 16 (16kg/5 Dip)
    Rich B
    Jo K 14 (12kg/PU)
    Todd K 13 (16kg/PU)
    Lauren M 13 (16kg/PU)
    Simon H 14 (16kg)
    Paul S 11 (16kg/PU)