• Monday 18/04/2011

    AMRAP in 20 min of:

    200m Run
    15 KB Swings 24kg (16kg)
    20 Box Jumps 24″ (20″)

    We will be closed for 5 days over the Easter break from Friday 22nd April, re-opening on Wednesday 27th, so go hard this week guys. Workouts will still be posted on the site each day that most of you can complete at home, so no excuses! Games competitors – we will open the gym as usual on Saturday morning at 8:30am for WOD #5.

  • RED

    man thats so sick,i think i seen brian bucho in there somewhere ey 😉

  • jase

    today was awesome! thanks coach Bs!

  • Brian

    Ali M 5+5BJ (16 russ)
    Glen B 4 rxd
    Stephen M 4+9KB rxd
    Hayley H 5 (12kg russ)
    Mel C 5+200m rxd
    Terry C 6+150m rxd (32kg KB!)
    Ally F 3+run rxd
    Jamie C 4+10BJ rxd
    Gab M 6+50M rxd
    Mel B 6+130m row (12KB)
    Nicole G 6 rxd
    Craig G 5+50m rxd
    Mike D 5+15KB (12KB, row)
    Dave A 6+5 jumping squats

    Tabata squat, sit-up, jumping lunge
    Brooke 17, 14, 12

    Kara M 7+100m rxd
    Jason W 5+50m rxd (32KB!)
    Lukas W 5+200m (burpee)
    Rob D 6+9KB rxd
    John B 6+KB rxd
    Jason M 7+7BJ (20″) – 1st Muscle up!!! Congrats 🙂
    Kareem D 6+200m rxd
    Collin G 6+7KB rxd
    Gina L 5+KB rxd
    Nikita K 5 (16″)
    Jamie C 4 (16KB, 20″)
    Michael J 5 (20″)
    Majella C 5+10BJ (12KB)
    Dan M 6 rxd
    Kieran S 9+15BJ (16KB)
    Aaron B 5+ burpee (row)
    Chris N 7+6BJ rxd
    Dave P 4+12BJ (20″)
    Tim M 6+100m (24KB russ)
    Bobby L 11 (16KB russ)

    Glenn W 6+200m rxd
    Ben P 5 rxd (burpee)
    Josh L 4+15BJ rxd
    Gayle F 4+200m row (16KB russ, 16″)
    Bec S 5+200m row (16KB russ)
    Nicky O 5+1KB rxd