• House Rules

    As we are getting more and more new faces around the place, it is important that we are all familiar with our gym rules. Please look under the CrossFit Roar tab on this page under “Gym Rules”. A few other points need to be brought up:

    DON’T PARK IN ANDERSONS CARPET CAR SPOTS!: We are always in trouble for parking in their spots so PLEASE watch where you park

    TIMINGS: The new schedule is up so please check it and abide by it. If you are not a member for the open gym sessions please arrive no earlier than 4:30pm

    MEET NEW PEOPLE: There are heaps of new faces to get to know which is great! If you have been around a while, don’t be shy and go say hi. Remember how scary your first few sessions can be

    If you have any questions about the gym rules or any of these points please ask one of the staff. See you all in the gym!

  • Geoff K

    Good update! Would be great for new and veteran members alike if there was a “members” page or voard up in the box with a photo and first name of everyone. I don’t know how many times I’ve trained with an awesome person only to have a memory lapse by the time I meet them next. I don’t know how you coaches remember us all!