• Hardn’up Teams!!

    Here are the teams for the Hardn’up Challenge:

    Team 1: James R, Matt H, Zach B
    Mel Coyle (c), Jess B, Melita H
    Team 2: Craig C, Brian B, Tim S
    Hannah C (c), Chanel A, Brooke B
    Team 3: Simon K, Billy H, Brett B
    Anita S (c), Emma H, Kathy C
    Team 4: Ags, Mark G, Tom F
    Kath G (c), Jade G, Rachelle P
    Team 5: Adam N (c), Paul S, Nick R
    Mel Car, Hayley H, Aimee D
    Team 6: Mark D (c), Tom Hend, Geoff K
    Angela S, Tennille C, Mel B

    If you are a captain (c), please make sure you keep an eye out on the Hardn’up link to register your team ASAP. This will sell out quick! If you have any problems please see one of the CrossFit Roar staff. If you missed out on putting your name up for a team let us know and you will be placed on a reserve list. This will be a great event guys!!

  • Adam Nancarrow


    • Hayley H

      I’m excited!!!

  • Jaymie

    what the ?? to the above message.

    Anyways, I am sooo disappointed that I am away and will miiss the comp 🙁

    Good luck everyone – have fun!!

  • Adam Nancarrow

    Registration for the 2012 ‘Again Faster’ Hard’nup Challenge will be opened one competition at a time over the course of the next week as follows:-

    Thursday, 19 Jan – Registration opens for the Weightlifting Competition

    Saturday, 21 Jan – Registration opens for the Wildcard Qualifier (Individual)

    Tuesday, 24 Jan – Registration opens for the Team Competition

    Please note that we due to unavoidable scheduling constraints on Day 1 of the event, you will no longer be able to enter BOTH the Weightlifting Competition and the Wildcard Qualifier, ie you need to pick one or the other. This is different to what was stated in the information pack.

    You CAN enter the Weightlifting Competition AND the Team Event
    You CAN enter the Wildcard Qualifier AND the Team Event
    You CANNOT enter the Wildcard Qualifier AND the Weightlifting Competition

  • Keagan b


  • Anita Scott

    Hi Team 3 – Simon K, Billy H, Brett B, Emma H, Kathy C
    I’m not good with responsibility but if you could all let me know your surnames and a team name idea so I can be ready when registration opens on Tuesday.. hopefully thats all the info i’ll need.. Cheers Anita