• Kara

    This one looks awesome but really not sure about it the day before the games WOD!

    • melissa coyle

      Yo! I’m with u Kara. Think I’ll give this one a miss 🙂

  • Gina

    Oh come on girls !!!!!! Don’t leave me all Alone !!!! ;))))

  • Gina

    What the he’ll is a farmers carry???

  • Brooke

    Im excited that i might actually be able to do this one! Just have to see how the HPCs go with my shoulder…Gina, it’s a run/walk holding a kettlebell in each hand. Good times.

  • Brian

    Jamie C 3+100m rxd
    Ali M 3+250m (20)
    Glen B 3+100m rxd
    Ryan S 3+30m rxd
    Gab M 4+100m (16kg)
    Ally F 3+250m (20)
    Ron N 3 rxd
    David A 4+50m rxd

    Collin G 4+15 (25kg)
    Brooke B 4 (25kg)
    Anita S 3+28SU (20)
    Gina L 3+200m (20kg)
    Nikita K 4+50m (20kg)
    Tom H 2+14HPC
    Chris N 4+13HPC rxd
    Dan M 3+20m rxd
    Aaron B 3+100m rxd
    John B 4+2HPC rxd
    Mel B 3+100m (20kg)
    Matt H 3+11SU (20kg)
    Claire R 3 (20kg)
    Kath G 3+70m (15kg, 12KB)

    Nicky O 3 (20kg)
    Hannah C 2+180m (25kg)
    Jason W 4+170m rxd
    Josh L 4+8SU rxd