• Aaron B

    Looking forward to this!

  • Kara

    Looks like she is doing the foot flick thing I was doing by mistake.

  • Brian

    There is a MASSIVE difference between your lift and her’s. You can not coach yourself from youtube clips, please don’t try. We teach the way we teach to get the most out of you and the level that you are at. Come in and chat and about this more if needed tomorrow.

  • Kara

    haha oh I know….just wondering if that was what I was doing with my feet? If I coached myself on youtube bad bad things would happen lol. Its hard when you cant see yourself do it sometimes, I might video myself next time like you did back in the day with deadlifts. It helps allot.

  • Brian


    Ali M 15-17.5
    Todd K 30
    Glen B 50-60
    Jamie C 30
    Gab M 50-57.5
    Dave A 30-50
    Ron N 30
    Majella C 15
    Lachie C 35-40
    Nikita K 15-25
    Gina L 15-20
    Ryan S 30-32.5


    Ben B 40
    Phil C 40-50
    Jason W 35-40
    Kara M 30-35
    Terry C 50
    Anita S 15-17.5
    Jason M 40
    Mick G 30
    Julie S 15
    Hannah C 20-25
    Aaron B 40
    Billy H 30
    Lauren M 20-25
    John B 50


    Glenn W 30
    Paul S 30