• CrossFit Games LIVE!!!

    Can’t go to the USA to cheer on Kara at the World CrossFit Games? Show you support for her by cheering as loud as you can in the comfort of your own gym. Bring sleeping gear, chairs and plenty of coffee and check out all the action on the big screen streaming live from the USA. If you are interested please leave you name with John and await further details.

  • Ricky Kelly

    Sound’s like an Awesome nite! count me in! 🙂

  • mat y

    yeah keen as, please put details up.

  • Caitlin

    Chris and I are in!

  • Benny Gee

    Yep…. I’ll bring the BAM !!! Im in…

  • John B

    Ok guys so I will update you as best as possible but FYI so far, The individual events start at 11:30am LA time on Friday which is around 4:30am our time on Saturday morning. We are unsure so far as to what heat Kara will be in but at this stage my plan is to watch the individual heats and we will pause for the regular Saturday morning WOD, unless, Kara is on at the time then I will wait until she is done before we start. Obviously I will update you as to changes in timings etc but get in touch with me with any dramas and questions and make sure you pass it onto the other members that don’t check the website and I will also be telling people in the classes. My email is johnbucholtz@gmail.com, hit me with questions and I will get back to you ASAP. Bring anything that will keep you warm and comfy (food, drink, chairs, swags), I don’t mind. If people would like to volunteer to make a plate of goodies that would be awesome. Seem me to put your name down to come in and/or to bring a plate.

  • Jannah

    We’ll be away for the weekend so we’ll have to miss out. But maybe we can watch it live from my laptop? How would one do this?

  • Mollie

    Me me me!!! I’m in!!! 🙂

  • Brett H

    Sam & I are in John!!
    Cant wait!!

  • Hannah

    Me I’m in I’ll bring food!

  • John B

    Ok guys so this is the schedule for the whole weekend. The gym will be open 30 mins prior to these timings. Please note that the gym won’t stay open all day, only to watch the Individual men and of course the women so we can cheer on our girl Kara. Make sure you bring chairs and whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and if you are able to bring a plate to share that would be much appreciated as well. We also have Elixir that will be open Saturday and I can make some other arrangements too if need be. So far we have a great crew coming down, the more the better. The timings are as follows:-

    Saturday Event 2 4:30am till 7:00am, then we will do the WOD as per usual.
    Saturday Event 3 10:00am till 1:00pm

    Sunday Event 4 3:50am till 6:50am
    Sunday Event 5 8:50am till 10:00am
    Event 6 Closed to watch Roar members at Semper Paratus

    Monday Finals 1 4:00am till 5:10am
    Finals 2 6:30am till 10:00am

    Finals 2 overlaps the Monday mornings workouts however all WODs will run as per usual with no changes to our regular timings. If there are any further questions then please email me or approach me at the gym. Hopefully see you there for an action packed weekend and plenty of CrossFit eye candy.

  • Jodi D

    Count me in and I’ll bake up some goodies to bring.