• Again Faster All Star Elite Team Series

    Well what a weekend! We had first ever handstand push ups, muscles up and pistols. We saw people pushing themselves so hard for their team that they needed a trip to the medic. But what impressed me the most was how much team spirit and support there was from all our CrossFit Roar athletes. Everybody competed with integrity and to the best of their ability and we could not be more proud. Well done on a fantastic showing, cant wait for to see what you guys can do in the next event!

  • Zach B

    Hey ROAR peeps,

    Any one looking to be in a team for the Immortals Challenge (that missed out), let me know, because I am organizing another team if we have enough people (3girls, 3guys).

  • Colin M

    I’ll stick my name in the hat Zack.

  • zachariah biddell

    Awesome, Hopefully more are keen.

  • John B

    Yeah mate I know a few people

  • Zach B

    Just to re-iterate this is for the immortals challenge which is on the 10/11 of November and not the all stars challenge as i don’t have time to be in it myself. We should be able to get 3 guys for the team, just looking for any girls that would like to be in it.

  • Brooke

    I’ve got 3 girls lined up now and 1 male that originally put his name in but missed out on a team. So we now have another full team! Thanks Zach. We will post the finalised teams some time this week.

  • Geoff K

    Well done everyone – sounds like an awesome event. Wish I could have been there! I am just boarding a plane now and heading off to our new life in Canada for the next yer or so. Just want to say a huge thanks to all the crew at roar! It’s been such a blast training with all of you and I’m looking forward to becoming part of the action at roar again when I get back. Until then – keep rippin it up! Cheers, Geoff.

    • Brian

      It’s been a pleasure Jazzy Geoff! Make sure you stay in touch and we look forward to having you back in with us all. Miss you already mate!!